Psychic Fair set for November 20, 2021

Spelled Out Shop will host a psychic fair in Nashua, NH on November 20, 2021 at the Hunt Memorial Building. 

The fair will offer a preview of what the shop will be like when it opens - a variety of readers and vendors reflecting different magickal traditions. 

Readers include the witches of Maison Vampyre in Salem, MA: Kris Gurky, June Jennings and Alexis Pharae, as well as Michael Richmond of Shining Moon Studio.

Vendors include artists from around New Hampshire and northern Mass:

  • stained glass by Sunset Luna Art
  • macrame by Nightshade Knots
  • stuffed creations by Cryptic Plushies
  • jewelry from Gypsum Hollow and Wrapped Up In Jewelry
  • crystals and ritual tools by Raven in a World Tree
  • tarot art by Shining Moon Studio
  • independently produced tarot and oracle decks curated by Phoenix & Lotus

See more about the event.

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