Magick for Scorpio Season

Scorpio constellation card, pin with a scorpion and a smoky quartz point

Scorpio season runs from October 23 through November 22. A fixed water sign associated with death, transformation, and rebirth, this season lends itself to the following types of magic, giving them an extra boost: 

Ancestor veneration and communicating with the dead

While Samhain gets all the attention as the point when the veil between worlds is thinnest, the veil doesn't operate like the curtain on a stage, quickly opening and closing on demand. Think of it more like mist creeping in slowly and then burning off in the sun (only in reverse order: it's thinning on the way up to Samhain and then waxing or thickening after). The weeks leading up to and following Samhain are great times for connecting with ancestors and receiving messages from the dead. 

While you can certainly do this work all year round, there's often more clarity and a certain vivid quality to ancestor magic performed during this season. 

In addition, November 16 is a traditional feast night for Hekate, goddess of witches, the crossroads and the underworld. She often serves as a guide for those traveling between worlds, facilitating stronger connections and deeper journeys during this time. 

Major life transitions tied to identity

Marriage, divorce, coming out... this is an auspicious time for rituals connected to new names and roles. These transitions are vulnerable times - just as a scorpion is vulnerable when it sheds its exoskeleton and grows a new one. Scorpio is also associated with the phoenix, a mythological bird that incinerates itself then rises from the ash, reborn. 

Tap into the power of Scorpio season to step boldly into your new identity. While marriages typically have a strong ritual component, if you're ending a relationship or coming out, it may be helpful to create your own ritual. I'm a huge fan of ritual baths. Use a salt scrub to symbolically wash away the things you want to leave behind, then when you're done, light a candle to guide the way on your new path. You can anoint the candle with a special oil aligned with what you want in your new life: love, confidence, freedom, independence... you can also put on a special piece of jewelry or clothing that represents stepping into your new identity, or have a celebratory meal, either alone or with loved ones.

Shadow work and therapy

There's a lot out there <waves at the internet> about shadow work. In short, shadow work involves examining and addressing repressed or hidden aspects of your personality which may be causing problems. A water sign, Scorpio is tied to emotions. Leverage this sign's energy to go deep to uncover the root causes of problematic behaviors and destructive patterns and find ways to release them. 

In a workshop I attended yesterday, "The Nightmare before Samhain," Adam Sartwell pointed out "Our shadow doesn't do things for no reason -- there's always a motivation to try to protect you." But means of protection that may have worked effectively when you were a child may no longer serve you in your twenties or thirties... behaviors that helped mitigate stress in one relationship may cause problems in another.

Learning what your shadow is trying to protect your from, establishing whether or not you actually need protection, and finding new, healthier coping mechanisms is wonderful healing work for Scorpio season - whether you opt to do the work on your own or consult with a professional.    

 What are some of your favorite types of Scorpio season magick?


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