Our story

Once upon a time, Jenn Waltner, head witch at Phoenix & Lotus, dreamed of opening a witchy haven in southern New Hampshire.

The vision: part shop, part school, part community center... a sacred space for witches of all backgrounds and traditions to gather, share, learn and grow.

OUr values

Community + craft. Connecting people with indie makers from all over the world. Helping you find what makes you feel most magical - things that seem like they must have been made just for you or specially placed by your guides.

The shop includes work by artists, authors and practitioners from different backgrounds and traditions. We're a safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+. Representation matters: you'll find plenty of work from people with diverse backgrounds.

What you'll find in the shop

Awesome handmade goods and foraged finds. Small-batch creations you've never seen anywhere else. Delicious witchy books. Things that smell and feel good. All kinds of workshops. Laughter, levity and encouragement.

What you won't find in the shop

Spiritual bypassing, gatekeeping, mass produced trinkets, "good vibes only."

Join the Collective

We're always looking for new consignment partners, workshop presenters, healers, and readers. To get in on the magick, reach out to witches@spelledoutshop.com or apply online.


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Witchy wares welcome.

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