Tips for Magical Intention Setting

There's power in words: especially the ones you use in spells, charms, and other magickal workings. To get the best results in your magick, choose your words wisely. Look at what you're requesting through the most literal lens possible and consider all possible interpretations. Is that what you REALLY want? If not, rework, rethink and rewrite until there's no room for error.

Some seasoned witches share the methods they use to craft effective magical intentions.

From Phoenix & Lotus'
Jenn Waltner

Start with how you want to feel and let the mechanics follow. Get clear. Don’t just say, “I want a better job.” How do you want to feel at work? For example, if you’re in a lousy environment and you get promoted, you may have more money, but not be any less stressed. Technically, you got a “better” job, it just wasn’t the flavor of “better” you were after. Focus on what awesome looks like and the qualities that surround it. “I want a job where I am valued and can grow: one where I am well compensated, encouraged to share my ideas and offered the chance to develop new skills that excite me.” Tying my intentions back to feelings has worked really well for me – it’s a powerful approach.  

Jess Carlson

When it comes to intention setting, I am always most focused on my wording. We don’t call them “spells” for nothing, right? Words matter! It’s essential to make sure you’re picking the words of an intention with specificity and clarity. Sure, we want to leave some room open for the Universe to do its thing, but we don’t want to be so general or generic in our request that anything and everything could show up in our lives. So, if we're going to manifest money, we need to be clear about how much and why. If we just set the intention “I manifest and attract money and abundance into my life,” that means that $5 extra a month is more money and abundance than you usually have. But if you know you need to manifest an extra $1,000 a month, then ask for that. You can always say, “I manifest and attract $1,000 and then some every month,” to leave room open for more than you might expect. Remember, if you can’t say the words to ask for what you want, you can’t expect the Universe to alight to give it to you. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and understand the power behind your words when manifesting.

from wild sea wellness'
Chrissy Vaccaro

One of my favorite intention setting meditations involves the Sankalpa. Sankalpa is Sanskrit (roughly) for "heartfelt desire." It's an intention that you imagine (and also, know and trust) is already in existence. You refer to it in the present tense. For instance, if you want to be freed from some pattern of behavior, person, or situation, instead of saying "I want to be free" you say "I AM free." I incorporate this meditation into some of my classes and workshops. It's pretty easy and accessible, so here's a quick way to get into that vibrational space. 

Take a comfortable seat with a tall spine. Imagine you are connected deep into the earth below through your root, and are lifted and expanded through your crown to the universe above. As above, so below, you become a conduit of energy. Imagine white or golden light streaming down into your crown, through your third eye (seat of intuition), and into your heart center. At the same time, deep red, primal, energetic light rises from below and transitions into the color green in your heart center.  Watch as the light streams from both directions and blends in the heart center, a golden green color. As this light swirls and dances, it illuminates the Sankalpa. See, feel, and know what that seed of intention is. Then imagine taking that seed from your heart space and planting it into the earth to grow down with its roots and up with its stalk, infinitely, outward into the universe above.