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The Staff

See who's tending the shop cauldron.

Jenn Waltner

Head Witch in Charge of Spelled Out Shop and Phoenix & Lotus. Tarot nerd. Cat mom (and herder). Storyteller. Crystal skull keeper.

Scorpio Sun & Moon, Virgo rising.

Favorite magic: Tarot & ancestor work. Better together.

The Witchcraft Collective

Learn about the artists, crafters, readers and authors you'll find in the store.

Bad Moon Shop

Breathing life into death since 2013,
best friends Jennifer Ceretti and Jamie Flanagan craft pieces with ethically sourced animal limbs & bones, and create other horror/Halloween related items.

Red Antler Apothecary

Real soap and general household products made in Lowell, MA using old-world recipes. No surfactants, fillers, or synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Raven in a World Tree

Daniel Blackthorn and Sue Landsman, from Dunstable MA, bring the Old Ways of nature into the modern age in a simple, but respectful manner. They create workbooks, tarot stands and spell stations, and curate a selection of magickal crystal skulls and mineral specimens.

Space in the Trees

Sarah is a medium, psychic reader, cloud-scryer, death doula, crystal grid builder and nature witch living in New Hampshire's Upper Valley. You'll love her picks for the Witch Lit book club.

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